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As the full moon rises, you can nearly hear the ancient cedar flutes playing soft notes floating on the evening breeze. A small campfire burns warmly behind you, creating shadows of the Ancient Ones dancing on the clay cliffs. The murmuring of the medicine dancers accompanies the low beat of a drum, echoing off the canyon walls. 

You have arrived. You must be in Colorado.

Welcome to Colorado, specifically, Cortez, CO, the crossroads of the Ancestral Puebloan nations and some of the most spectacular high desert and mountain scenery in the U.S.  We are proud of our history, our heritage, our diversity, our sacred sites, and our location near the Navajo and Hopi Nations.  Fiesta Mexicana Cortez is proud to be a “local” in a town of cultural crossroads and tourist destinations.

Many travel wish lists contain a visit to the 4 Corners region, where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona come together. Cortez CO sits at the NW corner of the San Juan Basin, among the rugged and breathtaking San Juan and Rocky Mountain ranges. Less than a day’s drive from Flagstaff, Denver, or Phoenix, Cortez puts you in the center of some of the most breathtaking scenery and ancient history in the West.

Cortez serves as the portal to Mesa Verde and its spectacular habitats, including the famed Cliff Palace Ruins, the largest cliff dwelling in North America. Left by the Ancestral Puebloans, it is believed to have been built between 1190 and 1260 CE and abandoned in 1300 CE due to climate challenges. There are many First Nation ruins nearby, including the Lowry, Sand Canyon, and Painted ruins.  You can learn more at the Anasazi Heritage Center at Mesa Verde National Park, a 15-minute drive from our front door.

We prefer to refer to the ancient ones as First Nation peoples who settled in this high desert region many eons ago, and then mysteriously vanished. They left behind many examples of highly developed architecture, petroglyphs, pottery, and other artifacts in a stark landscape known to be a challenge to survival. The 4 Corners region has more archaeological sites representing the First Nations than any other place on earth

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"I strongly urge you to try the Chef's Special, You'll love it!"
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"The food here is better than anything I have tried in a long time."
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"The Entertainment was Top Notch!"
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"Awesome Happy Hour! Convenient location, friendly service, and ICE COLD BEER!"
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"Great Food. Great Staff. Great Service. Good Times!"
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"Food is excellent, margaritas are wonderful, staff is always great."
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"Excellent food. Highly Recommended!"
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"Great mexican restaurant that serves generous helpings."

Best Restaurant Cortez CO

When you plan to visit the National Parks and Monuments in our area, Cortez provides a very convenient hub within less than a day’s drive from Denver, Flagstaff, or Phoenix. At the crossroads of Hwys. 491 and 160, Cortez provides a jumping off point for no less than a dozen federal and state lands, including Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Grand Escalante, Canyon of the Ancients, Canyon de Shelley, Arches, Hovenweep and Yucca House National Monuments, and others. We are located directly on the SW Colorado Adventure Corridor scenic drive from Mesa Verde to Moab, UT and we would be happy to share our authentic, old world Mexican cuisine with you while you are here. 

You can expect a lot out of a Southwestern or Mexican restaurant in Cortez, and Fiesta Mexicana is no exception. Our heritage comes from the seaside territory of Jalisco, Mexico, where we grew up in our family kitchen. All our sauces, moles, and bases are prepared fresh and from scratch. We still hand roll our corn tortillas just like we were taught. Seasonings bring out the flavor of our savory food, and do not overpower it. Come see for yourself why people rave about our zesty tableside prepared guacamole, fajitas, and our Colorado specialty, real honest-to-goodness, authentic chili verde. 

On the east end of Cortez headed to Mesa Verde, Fiesta Mexicana is located close to several good hotels. We have a large parking lot that provides easy access and turn space for RVs. We are located at the intersection of E. Mancos and N. Dolores Rd. next to the Days Inn and near the Hampton.  We are open 11-10  Sun-Thurs and 11-11 on Friday and Saturday.  Our festive, colorful décor is true to our Mexican heritage, and casual dress is the accepted attire in our area. 

We know value is important when you are traveling, as well as nice portions and quality food. Our drink specials, with Happy Hour from 2-7 offering half-price margaritas and beer, and food specials including lunch offerings, make for more fun on a vacation budget. Like us on Facebook to be notified about specials and event information. 

Mexican Restaurants In Cortez CO

Our atmosphere and ambiance is genuine, traditional Mexico. Colorful hand carved and painted chairs and tables await, sombreros for the wearing abound, and sculptures of cattle and other traditional parts of our heritage are throughout the restaurant. There is a big screen TV for your viewing pleasure that usually broadcasts football on Monday nights.  If you stay late to see the end of the game, we will not rush you out. It is a good time to sample our extensive traditional Mexican dessert menu ranging from fried ice cream and churros to flan while you cheer on your team.

If you have come to hike the ruins or the nearby San Juan or Rocky Mountains, you will need a place to satisfy the hunger our high altitude and pleasant but dry climate create for most visitors. Fiesta Mexicana is known throughout the region for very generous portions, as well as icy cold, spectacular margaritas. We can also pack a lunch for you to take along, and we have late lunch available in-house until 3 pm each day.

There are a lot of things to see and do around Cortez, CO, but nothing beats our “whistle pigs”. Unique to our Cortez location is our large prairie dog colony. Come enjoy an icy cold beverage or your meal on our outdoor covered patio, and watch this active colony of these traditional but scarce western iconic animals go about their daily lives. Family oriented with an intricate language of their own, prairie dogs have been part of Colorado scenery since time immortal. Please, though, do not approach them, and make sure children keep a safe distance. Prairie dogs are shy and you won’t see them again if you approach their burrows.

Since many of our visitors are enjoying their retirement years and getting to see what they have always wanted to visit, we offer an extensive senior menu with reduced portions and pricing. Our menu is large and varied, and vegetarian, gluten free, and other options are available. Should you desire a change in the preparation method of your meal, such as steamed instead of fried, we will happily accommodate the request. To make things convenient for our travelers, we accept all major credit cards. All these things combine to let you know you are visiting the best restaurant in Cortez, CO. 

Hiking and sightseeing all day can leave a person tired and not wanting to go out after a hot shower and relaxing dip in the hotel pool. Fiesta Mexicana Cortez offers takeout. Just call after viewing our menu online, and we will have your order ready in a short time.  We also provide catering for events, family reunions, business meetings, wedding rehearsals, or anything else you might need. Call and talk to our manager, and we will do the rest. You can also contact us via our contact form on our company website.

Should you still desire a cool, comfortable place to sit and have a cerveza or margarita before dinner, and we appear busy when you get back from the parks, just call our hostess. They will be happy to waitlist you, and let you know when a table will be available. If you desire, come visit our full service bar first, then enjoy your meal afterward. Just let the hostess know you are here and at the given time we will seat you promptly with ice water and our famous endless chips and homemade salsa. 

One thing we added at our Cortez CO restaurant is Mexican Coleslaw, sort of a salsa made with cabbage. Diners tell us it is tasty and amazingly refreshing after a long day of hiking and sightseeing.  In fact, there are a lot of things you will not see commonly on many Mexican menus except one of our Fiesta Mexicanas. That is because we are authentic and true to the Mexican food from our home territory of Jalisco, Mexico. We have the largest seafood offering in the area, as well as many crema dishes. One dish not to miss is our Camarones al Cilantro if you like shrimp and mucho caliente picante.  Many people who claim they do not even like Mexican food tell us ours is outstanding and come back again and again.

Enjoy Our Fiesta Catering Today

We are proud to offer full event coordination and catering to ensure that every detail is perfect for your wedding, corporate event, charitable gathering or family party. Our award-winning hospitality team and chefs are committed to ensuring that you can relax and be a guest at your own event.

Mexican Food Catering

Restaurant In Cortez CO

Speaking of time, fresh food made from scratch takes a bit. Our service is fast and professional, but it takes a few minutes longer to cook fresh ingredients from scratch to order.  If you are looking for fast food, please call head for a take-out order, or just keep nibbling our fresh, yummy salsas and fresh cooked chips. They are really enjoyable, especially when paired with a coconut or mango margarita. 

Traveling with children can be tough when it comes to restaurants. Our traditional Mexican restaurant uses fresh ingredients and recipes from our home territory of Jalisco, Mexico. Jalisco is a seaside area, and we have lots of seafood available, as well as less spiciness in seasoning than you might expect, different than most Tex-Mex. Our children’s menu offers both western and Mexican fare, and our regular menu can be spiced up to your liking, so just ask when placing your order. We find many children do enjoy sampling what the rest of the party is enjoying that smells so good.  High chairs are available, and we are fully wheelchair accessible. 

Come to Colorado and come to Cortez. Take in our timeless energy and sights, and as they say at the parks, take nothing and leave only footprints. Enjoy a true authentic Mexican meal, made with the freshest ingredients, in a festive, bright, true to back home atmosphere, while enjoying our whistle pigs.  They will enjoy posing, and we look forward to serving you.

Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant Cortez

430 N. St Highway 145
Cortez, CO, 81321
(970) 565 4267

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