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the best mexican food in arizona

Martin and Patricia moved to the United States from Juchitlan, Jalisco, a small town in Mexico where Martin & Patricia met at age 13. Jalisco the most representative state in Mexico in the early 80s and to this day has always been a beautiful place to visit and experience as well it is where Familia Rangel still has strong family ties. In their first years in the U.S they worked hard to succeed and achieve the American Dream. With no contacts and no English understanding, the Rangel’s first jab at work was in the fields, apples and cherries in Washington and Peaches in California.

 A saying Martin use to say while carrying big baskets of cherries on his shoulders was “Man do I hate rich people, but “hey” Here I come”  this has been a mantra of sorts for the family to not accept mediocrity, and for us to stretch to acquire success and it was found later on in the food industry in which we now protect that mantra by striving to provide top of the line service coupled with our bit of kitchen that has followed us for all these years. Martin and Patricia worked in the fields between 1985 and 1992 till there third son was born they decided that this lifestyle of work was not gonna be for them. 


The power couple made a leap into a completely different industry in which they had absolutely no knowledge  “Rangel Body Shop” was the result of that leap. From the fields to the  auto-body shop. Rangel body shop in Wenatchee, WA for many years was the bread and butter that provided for 5 kids. Have you ever taken a car to a shop and found out they took it to another shop so the original shop can learn how to cut your car in half and turn into the picture in your dreams? Well Martin was that man thirsting for knowledge and a hunger to succeed. From that first job followed with many more we did well eventually investing into a Latin market and travel agency. Hard jobs and hard hours draining to say the least, not doing bad but not where we wanted to be. In a city full of gang violence, crime, and poverty, life events gave us a nudge, a nudge to search for a whole new industry. A conversation between Cesar a family brother of ours and Martin landed them on the idea of opening a restaurant. Knowledge is useless without action, maybe life’s nudge was to put us in action and we did. 

In 2000 Martin and Patricia and our brother-in-law Cesar Camberos made the leap into a whole new industry becoming what is now Fiesta Mexicana. Woodland Park, CO Fiesta Mexicana,   was the very first location and a complete success. Before the first year was up there were plans to open the second, soon after the third one. Between 2000 and 2005 The first 7 Fiesta Mexicanas had been opened and established, while maintaining complete family ownership. 

Today Cesar Camberos takes an active kitchen supervisor role, and the 4 boys and the daughter have taken their respective positions in helping take Fiesta to the next level. They soon spread vastly along the four corners into a chain empire wanting to share the authentic flavors and traditions from their country. Martin and Patricia moved from Woodland Park, CO to Durango, CO and settled down there and raised their kids. It was Durango Fiesta Mexicana where their kids were able to grow and really learn the business as they got older, integrating themselves into the corporation and finding their respective positions and establishing themselves within the company. 

While their kids graduated school Martin and Patricia were able to keep expanding their empire as their business flourished and expanded Fiesta Mexicana into Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. As their kids got older and expanded to create their own families and lives, they each still remain integrated with the corporation and each have their own vital role to keep their family business growing.  We are happy to be here and excited to bring a little piece of our home to your dinner table.


 “Fiesta Mexicana pledges to all our fine customers a small “rinconcito” of Mexico, where you can enjoy the food, hospitality and traditions of Mexico. A place where you can enjoy an exquisite dish, prepared with the freshest and best quality meats and produce, while enjoying a refreshing handmade margarita prepared with top shelf tequilas and fresh squeezed lime juice. Your satisfaction is our main goal. We hope you enjoy your meal and hope to see you many times!”

-Martin & Patricia Rangel

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