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You might be wondering what a “chain” like Fiesta Mexicana is doing in a place like Farmington, N.M.  The answer is easy, because we believe the best Mexican food belongs in the best places that truly appreciate real, authentic Mexican food. That makes Farmington, NM an excellent choice for the best Mexican restaurant in the 4 Corners area. 

People in Farmington and those who visit tend to be outdoors enthusiasts. It seems everyone who comes to visit is here to enjoy our beautiful out-of-doors, nature involved activities and fine weather. It might surprise you to know we have over 70 parks in our city, and a world ranked golf course.  Now, we are not sure about you, but if it were us and it was dry and warm, a cold brew would sound awfully good with some tacos, enchiladas, or a quesadilla after a round of golf with the gentlemen or ladies in your group. Come by and check out our full service bar and the great selection of appetizers we offer. The food is awesome, and our service is fast and friendly.  There is something for every member of your golf group including the caddie. After all, the caddie did all the hard work, and it tends to be hot on the course, so invite them along and buy them an ice-cold beer they’ll appreciate.  

Located at 5,395 feet, Farmington NM has unique weather for the Southwest. Our altitude keeps our temperatures moderate, rarely below freezing in the winter or above 90 degrees during summer months. We do get a bit of snow in the winter, but it is gone almost immediately. With 279 days of sun a year, you know we don’t get too much rain, but when it does, the skies are more than photo worthy. Our rains start usually in August. When the weather gets a bit cooler, come by for some of our renowned chili verde. After you are seated you get all the chips and homemade salsa you want. If you want warmer spices to get warmed up, just say so. We will bring you spicier until you tell us “no mas!”

What Our Customers Say .

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"I strongly urge you to try the Chef's Special, You'll love it!"
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"The food here is better than anything I have tried in a long time."
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"The Entertainment was Top Notch!"
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"Awesome Happy Hour! Convenient location, friendly service, and ICE COLD BEER!"
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"Great Food. Great Staff. Great Service. Good Times!"
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"Food is excellent, margaritas are wonderful, staff is always great."
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"Excellent food. Highly Recommended!"
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"Great mexican restaurant that serves generous helpings."

Best Restaurant In Farmington NM

Farmington NM has a lot of unique things around the area, and events it celebrates. High school baseball is one pastime we are very proud to support. The Connie Mack World Series has been played in Farmington since 1965. The best of the best 16-18 year olds worldwide come to square off as enthusiastic crowds and scouts alike watch in awe as the best play America’s pastime. We serve a lot of tacos during that season when fans stop by after games to celebrate with a margarita and appetizers.

Hiking, biking, and fishing are all popular in the Farmington region since we have so many foothills and much rugged terrain. Two popular sports are white water and geocaching. With three rivers in the area, and two converging in town, one is only a paddle length away from a spot to launch. Geocaching or a GPS treasure hunt for clues has become enormously popular with families. Cachers of all ages can participate, use logic and smarts to figure out locations, and go on to the next hidden clue or treasure. Information about all the local activities can be found at our local Chamber of Commerce. Come to Fiesta Mexicana to share your finds, and we will help you celebrate.

Another big thing in our area is rock crawling.  A big sport in the Four Corners region, rock crawling involves modified vehicles (mostly trucks) that try to traverse terrain the Mars Rover could not handle. Hot Rod car shows are another big hit, and rumor has it some pretty big celebrities and bands have been known to come out for our Hot Rod show. What better way to take a break from the festivities than stop by for lunch? We have lunch specials nearly every day, and late lunch runs into Happy Hour, which goes 2-6. That gives you an hour to eat a leisurely late lunch and get refreshed with an icy cold cerveza before you head back out into the fun New Mexico sun. 

 Of all the things to do, we are probably most proud of the Totah Festival. This long running pow-wow and First Nations annual gathering features dance, song, vendors, and all things traditional to the 4 Corners region. Among the highlights is one of the only annual Navajo rug auctions in the Southwest. Since much of our Mexican heritage touches native peoples, we are especially happy to share specials with our visiting guests that weekend. Check Facebook for current offerings, or call us. We will be happy to tell you what we have planned

Mexican Restaurant in Farmington

Being from Jalisco, Mexico means we have a lot of seafood and other items on our menu you might not see often in the desert, such as our Pescado Frito and real horchata. Cooking Jalisco style also means our food is not spicy hot.  Ask for more spiciness if you prefer after you taste our delicious creations. True Mexican cuisine is like our décor – festive, flavorful, bright, cheery, tasteful, and meaningful. Savor the real tastes of authentic Mexican food in our colorful location filled with carved and painted furniture and bright colors. We encourage you to bring your family. Our children’s menu has something for all the little compadres and they often ask a lot of questions about the scenes depicting daily life in old Mexico. Since so many of our local customers share some of our heritage, we proudly view those questions as a way to share knowledge about our local diverse population.  We are a family restaurant and enjoy sharing from our family traditions with yours. 

Farmington is close to a number of national parks and monuments. Chaco Canyon, Natural Bridges, and Aztec Ruins National Monument are all close by, just to name a few. New Mexico is home to no less than 19 federal parks, monuments, and historical sites. We have some of the oldest and best-preserved pueblos and cliff dwellings in the nation. Many of the parks have limited facilities, so stop by Fiesta Mexicana on your way out of town to pick up lunch. You can check our complete menu online and call it in, and we will have it ready with all the extras you need for a tasty and filling ready to go meal.

This area of New Mexico supports more life than most people realize.  New Mexico produces a considerable amount of hay, pecans, and other agricultural crops. A diverse number of crops are grown in our temperate climate, even wine grapes, and tours are available at several local wineries in the immediate area. Stop by for a filling meal of authentic Mexican fare upon your return.

Being located across from a historic river has its advantages. Our views are epic and we have even been named a great romantic getaway by our local patrons. Sometimes we have live music on Friday and Saturday nights. We will find you and your companion a cozy corner and check on you only when you need a new drink or more salsa. After all, date nights are special and we are honored to help make them even more so.

 We are located directly on East Main (NM 516) and just off Hwy. 64 in the heart of Farmington directly across from the Animos River. If you are in the 4 Corners area, you might come across one of our sister restaurants. We have 10 all total, each a little different but a whole lot real Mexico. At all our locations, let us know if you are a senior because we have special reduced pricing and smaller sized portions to your liking.

Enjoy Our Fiesta Catering Today

We are proud to offer full event coordination and catering to ensure that every detail is perfect for your wedding, corporate event, charitable gathering or family party. Our award-winning hospitality team and chefs are committed to ensuring that you can relax and be a guest at your own event.

Mexican Food Catering

Mexican Food Farmington NM

Farmington NM is the regional hub, and being so means we provide services to the entire area. Do you have a special event coming up, a wedding, reunion, anniversary, or a celebration?  Perhaps a business meeting or conference you need catered or a place to go afterwards with the staff? We can meet your meal and finger food needs. Call our manager or fill out our contact form online for catering in Farmington and the surrounding area. We need an idea of the number of people and date(s) with approximate times. Our menu has a wide variety of options, and we can tailor spices to your needs as well. Then, quit worrying and let us do the rest. We can either deliver to your location with all the extras, or set up at our restaurant in Farmington. We usually do not require reservations, but do need notice for this type of event so we can make sure everything is ready and perfectly presented on your group’s arrival. 

Since Farmington is a small town, Fiesta Mexicana is a big deal to the locals. Sometimes we stay open very late until 2 am, bring in a band or DJ, offer drink specials and discounts for different groups like students, gym members, or we just throw a fiesta. There is always a reason to come enjoy a margarita or cerveza among friends and party a little bit. 

A lot of people in Farmington consider Fiesta Mexicana their place to stop after work. We are known for our amazing margaritas. Have you had a Purple Cadillac? Come by for one, or any of our specialty margaritas.  Our fully stocked bar is full service and has a great selection. We pride ourselves on how many excellent brands of tequila we carry. And if you want some good Mexican beer on tap, come see us. 

Many people in Farmington come from different regions in Mexico and Central and South America. That is why on any given night you might hear mariachi, cumbia, or Latino salsa among our musical selections. We celebrate all of our heritages and the impact they have had on the Farmington area. In an area this old, everyone knows where good times and good food are located, and where you can get authentic dishes prepared from recipes that have been in families for generations.  Fiesta Mexicana has the best Mexican food in Farmington and is one of the best restaurants in Farmington. It does not matter if you are a local or a visitor, our happy, polite, attentive staff will enjoy sharing a delicious, hot meal with you and your guests.

Come where the locals know the food is excellent and the drinks are ice cold.  They know what is good, and you will be so glad you followed their lead. 

Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant Farmington

3100 E. Main St
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