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Welcome to the beautiful desert paradise of Las Vegas!  We welcome you to our fascinating city and our authentic Mexican family restaurant, Fiesta Mexicana.

When you visit Las Vegas, many of you are coming on vacation and want to enjoy the unique culture of our town.  We know there are many choices for you in a town that has literally everything you can imagine available for entertainment and food.  We would like for you to share in some local, historical meal choices at the #1 Mexican restaurant in the Las Vegas greater area, Fiesta Mexicana. We have a wide selection of choices you may be used to seeing back home, and many that are unique featuring the authentic traditions and flavors of our family recipes from Jalisco, Mexico. 

In a city that truly has something for everyone, we know that making a choice to dine with us requires first gaining your attention, and then having you talking about us long after enjoying one of our flavorful, sumptuous meals. Every item that comes from our kitchen is made fresh from scratch, from old world recipes. We know that you might be expecting seasonings that reflect the area you are from, where blending a local flavor preference with Mexican cuisine creates something good but different than traditional Mexican seasonings, ingredients, tastes and textures. While all of the wonderful variety of ways Mexican food is enjoyed are good, we like to prepare ours the traditional way, with authentic ingredients and seasonings like we were taught in the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers.  

Once you taste the authentic Jalisco regional methods of preparation and cooking, you will understand why we are so proud of our heritage. We love the varied chilies, the fresh moles from herbs and spices you might not recognize, the fresh seafood, poultry, and lots of vegetables that are traditional in our old Mexico cooking. Jalisco is known for the fine balance in how things are seasoned, not too hot, but very flavorful. We hand roll our tortillas every day. Our masa is mixed fresh from grinds specific to our kind of cooking, and tamales packed and steamed like we were taught. We know that once you put a fork in one of those tender tamales, dressed in a traditional sauce, with the steam rising and the delicious smells meeting you before you even bite, we just know you will be carried to a place and time that is special to us, and now to you. 

It is not only our fine food that will create a new experience you will want to repeat over and over when you visit Fiesta Mexicana Las Vegas. Our entire restaurant brings the colors, décor, sights, sounds and sensations of being in old Mexico. Our decorating choices reflect the bright, colorful things you would see in a home or in a local restaurant in the seaside territory of Jalisco. Our traditions run deep in celebrating family, the beautiful landscape and natural surroundings, and the sense of fun and culture honoring our upbringing. We delight in your children coming along for a visit to Fiesta Mexicana, and we enjoy sharing information for their enjoyment and learning.  We want to share the traditions, food, hospitality, and ambience of Mexico with you and your guests, and create pleasant memories of our beautiful location, whether you are visiting in our area, or are a fortunate Clark County resident.  

While we do offer a children’s menu, we have found that many children truly enjoy trying our dishes once they know they are not caliente – hotly spiced. We encourage your party to order different entrees to try and share with the little ones, or each other, to further your dining experience. We know you might find a new favorite, and your child might find something they truly like and will add to their favorite foods list. Let us know if anything needs cut in smaller bites before serving, or if there is any other accommodation we can make for you.

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"I strongly urge you to try the Chef's Special, You'll love it!"
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"The food here is better than anything I have tried in a long time."
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"The Entertainment was Top Notch!"
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"Awesome Happy Hour! Convenient location, friendly service, and ICE COLD BEER!"
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"Great Food. Great Staff. Great Service. Good Times!"
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"Food is excellent, margaritas are wonderful, staff is always great."
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"Excellent food. Highly Recommended!"
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"Great mexican restaurant that serves generous helpings."

Best Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas

One comment we often hear from our satisfied customers is how large our portions are. We truly believe in providing ample entrees and a good value with everything you order at Fiesta Mexicana.   Our portions are substantial, and so are our beverages. We are known for our happy hours because of the large margaritas we serve. Feel free to browse our reviews and you will see many comments about “delicious margaritas”, “amazing salsa” and “such attentive service with a smile”.  We pride ourselves in hot food, made fresh, and served with courteous service and a smile.   

While you may be familiar with many things on our menu, you will probably notice some you might not know what are. Please feel free to chat with our knowledgeable staff and ask about ingredients, sauces, and preparation methods. They will be happy to share information and make suggestions. Most Jalisco seasoning is relatively mild, so the taste of the fresh vegetables and finely tuned marinades used comes through. If you like your seasonings more on the spicy side, just let our wait staff know, and they will be more than happy to pass along the information to the chef.  

One thing you will notice is our menu is large. The reason is the wide variety of dishes that are served in Jalisco, and in the Four Corners and Southwest areas our culture calls home. Real Mexican food is varied and plentiful. It utilizes well-marinated beef and pork, sometimes in moles or other seasonings. A variety of seafood is prepared in ways to showcase the delicate flavors and textures.  Poultry is cooked in many different ways in Mexico with a variety of spices and sauces. Our fresh vegetables are flavorful and cooked just right. Many people talk about our frijoles, or beans, and have told us they are the best they have ever had.  One thing you might not be used to seeing includes the variety of sauces we offer dishes prepared with at our restaurant. Crema (crème) based sauces are quite common in Jalisco, in addition to those made with tomatoes, tomatillos, herbs, citrus, and other ingredients. Our queso is made from an old family recipe and we make our tortilla chips fresh, so fresh and tasty in fact that we have customers who drive from California just for the queso and chips.

A point of pride for us is desert.  People in Las Vegas enjoy visiting our rinconcito for dessert and coffee. We offer fresh, hand made, authentic Mexican desert including fried ice cream scattered with spices, deep-fried cheesecake, fresh made cinnamon sugar dusted churros and sopapillas, and our glory, flan. Our flan is simply the best in the city. Many of our patrons come in to enjoy our relaxed ambience by enjoying a cup of coffee and flan after an evening out. We know after you sample it, you will be back for more. 

Please know when you come in to share a meal and some time with us that fresh cooking made to order takes a little bit longer. If you do not want to wait for a table upon arrival, please call ahead and waitlist. Our hostess will be happy to let you know when a table will be available, and we suggest arrival just before that time to assure you get seated promptly. Our server will be right with you, loaded with fresh made chips and homemade salsas. If you want warmer salsa, as in mucho caliente picante, just let them know. We will immediately bring it out, and can spice up any of our dishes to your taste.  

Top Mexican Restaurant In Las Vegas

Something you expect at a great Las Vegas restaurant is excellent service. We take providing outstanding service very seriously at Fiesta Mexicana Las Vegas.  From the time you step in our colorful doors you will feel truly appreciated, because you are.  Our tradition teaches that hospitality is one of the traits closest to heaven, and we believe that. From our bartenders to our wait staff and chef, everyone in our restaurant wants you to have a fun, festive, especially tasty experience. We want to become your go-to Mexican restaurant in the greater Las Vegas area, and treating you like we like to be treated when we go out is very important to us. Many times our manager or owner is in the restaurant, and will stop by. Tell them how you feel and what else we can do to make your visits with us the best possible.

Speaking of a Mexican tradition, we have the best margaritas in Las Vegas, hands down.  Our margaritas are the most mentioned thing in reviews for all 10 of our locations in the 4 Corners and nearby Southwestern states. Like our entrees, our margaritas are large. Blue, Cucumber, Purple Cadillac, Mango, Peach and Cactus are just a few of our specialties, plus some we are fairly certain you may not have seen before. Be brave and try something new, and you might be surprised to find a new favorite.   

Fiesta Mexicana takes pride in providing value when you dine with us.  We run specials regularly, so “Like” our Facebook page to get notices. Lunch specials and lunch run until 3 pm. Happy Hour, something we are famous for, runs 2-7 pm. Come by and grab a cold beverage before you go home to unwind, or head out to a show. 

One truth about Mexican culture is we love sports, whether it is soccer, football or basketball. The events will probably be on the big screen, and we always have a big fiesta when the professional boxing matches are showing.  We have a full service bar and an impressive array of top shelf liquors, especially tequila. Our bartenders are well versed in some pretty unusual cocktails so feel free to ask if they can mix something special for you. 

Fiesta Mexicana is a go-to for delicious, reasonably priced catering in Las Vegas. Are you hosting a wedding reception, family reunion up at Lake Meade, or a business conference you need finger foods for? Just call our manager or fill out our easy to locate online contact form and tell us when, where, and how many. We will give you a call and discuss your needs, ask a few questions, and provide a quote.  You can leave the rest to us, and we will have everything prepared perfectly and set up on time for your event.

Enjoy Our Fiesta Catering Today

We are proud to offer full event coordination and catering to ensure that every detail is perfect for your wedding, corporate event, charitable gathering or family party. Our award-winning hospitality team and chefs are committed to ensuring that you can relax and be a guest at your own event.

Mexican Food Catering

Family Mexican Restaurant In Las Vegas NV

Take out is available from our restaurant, and we can also make a reservation for groups to celebrate birthdays, bridal party rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, or other events at our location. Or, if you prefer, delivery is available through or for a small fee. You might want to visit our website first at to explore our large menu selection, then place your order. 

Being off the Las Vegas Strip has it advantages. We have free parking and you can arrive by car in a reasonable amount of time from most anywhere in the area. We have festive, colorful, true to Mexican décor, from our painted and carved furniture and sunset color walls to our traditional music. We are busy and yes, it can get a bit festive on weekend evenings. Let us know if you are seeking a quiet location and we will do the best we can when we seat your group. 

Fiesta Mexicana Las Vegas is a family restaurant and we welcome your children.  We offer high chairs and a child’s menu. We have found, though, when the food comes out most children ask “What’s that?? It looks and smells sooogood!” The children’s menu offers both western and Mexican choices.  

Speaking of choices, we offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options on our menu.  If you need other special menu considerations for a special diet, please check with our wait staff. We will do whatever we can to accommodate your request.  

Seniors are special to us, and we offer a special, full senior menu with lower prices and smaller portions. We also have many daily specials, a lunch special, and a number of evening special entrees and events. Check out our Facebook page for what is going on today and tonight. You never know what our manager might think up next, but you can be sure it will be tasty and fun.

Fiesta Mexicana Las Vegas is in southwest Las Vegas at the corner of Rainbow and Spring Mountain Road in Rainbow Springs Shopping Center.  If you are coming from other parts of Las Vegas or Henderson, we are easy to locate off the 215 or I-15. We are open 11-10 Sunday – Thursday and until 11 pm on Fridays.  

Real, authentic Mexican food in a really great authentic Mexican restaurant made with the freshest ingredients and served with a smile. Welcome to Fiesta Mexicana, and enjoy Las Vegas. 

Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant Las Vegas

3553 South Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 362 0172

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Monday – Thursday  2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
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